Clear Sky Mind Retreat Weekend

January 26-28 with Guest Teacher Kelsang Zamling

Please join us for a special weekend of teachings and a series of meditations on the clarity of our mind. The stress and dissatisfaction that seem to pervade our life are only temporary states of mind, and we can learn to use meditation to dissolve them away. By experiencing the tranquility and transformative quality of the mind’s pure nature, we can let go of limiting and painful self-conceptions and progress toward becoming the person we wish to be.

Kelsang Zamling will help us learn how to tap into the power of our own mind and use it to increase our happiness, and develop the confidence and skill to bring about the deeper changes that we long for.

Clear Sky Retreat Mind Weekend Special Friday Night Lecture: Limitless Mind, Limitless Life 7:00-8:15 PM

Each of us has within our mind a limitless capacity for inner peace and happiness. Due to familiar habits, our normal, limited view of ourselves is wrapped up in our insecurities, faults, and shortcomings. Kelsang Zamling will help us learn how to overcome negative emotions and use the power of our own mind to help increase our happiness and enable us to direct our life in a meaningful and positive direction.  


Clear Sky Mind Retreat Weekend: Saturday Clear Sky Mind Retreat 9 AM-4 PM

In this Saturday retreat, Kelsang Zamling will guide us in three meditation sessions to help us experience the clear, peaceful nature of our own mind. By connecting with this limitless potential, we gain the freedom to respond to our thoughts and feelings in the most constructive way. Perfect for every level of meditator. Everyone welcome.

Clear Sky Mind Retreat Weekend Special Sunday Morning Meditation: Moving Beyond Limitations 10:00-11:30 AM

To conclude this powerful weekend, Kelsang Zamling will use Buddha’s insights to explain how we can tap into our limitless potential and make lasting changes. By integrating these reliable methods into our own life, we can begin to let go of the limited version of ourself and respond to daily challenges with confidence.

Although attending all events provides maximum benefit, each day’s event is stand-alone in nature and will help you gain experience  – drop-ins always welcome!


About the Teacher:
Kelsang Zamling is a modern Buddhist monk and the Resident Teacher of Kadampa Meditation Center Indianapolis. He has been a student of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso for many years and has taught in the United States and in the UK. Zamling completed an intensive 6 month Special Teacher Training Program with our General Spiritual Director, Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong, to further his qualifications as a teacher. He is well-loved by his students, is known for his practical approach, warmth and clarity, and sets an immaculate example of someone who has taken Buddha’s teachings to heart.


Cost for this Special Event:

Early Registration (by 1/12) for Entire Weekend:       $60

Early Registration (by 1/12) for Entire Weekend:       $40 for KMC Madison FP/GP Members

Registration (after 1/12) for Entire Weekend:            $75

Friday Night Lecture:                                                   $15

Saturday Meditation Retreat:                                      $45

Special Sunday Morning Meditation:                          $15

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