30-Minute Meditations (livestream only)

Have 30 minutes in your day? Join in online for a short, focused meditations offered first thing in the morning or mid-day, and experience the daily peace that comes from establishing a regular meditation practice. 

The Living Meditation Series provides a comprehensive introduction to meditation, offering guidance at all levels for developing and deepening your meditation practice. Learn meditations to relax your body and mind, find inner peace, achieve mental clarity, and develop a kind and compassionate attitude towards others.

With registration, your link will be active by 7 AM on the day listed. After that, each meditation is available for 72 hours, and can be viewed at any time that works with your schedule.

Join us at the following times:

Mondays with Debbie Loomis
Fridays with Dave Ropa

Please note: Thursday noontime meditations with Lowanna Mobley are available in person at KMC Madison.

No previous experience necessary!

Registration Details

Cost: $5 per class; free for Members and Benefactors!
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Please review our terms and conditions before registering. Here are some helpful tips for getting the most benefit from our online classes and meditations. 


Friday May 6 2022




  • Dave Ropa
    Dave Ropa

    Dave Ropa studies on our Foundation program and has been practicing Kadampa Buddhism for many years. Dave is loved for his clear and practical teaching style.

  • Debbie Loomis
    Debbie Loomis

    Debbie Loomis has been studying Kadampa Buddhism for several years and is a dedicated practitioner. Debbie teaches with warmth and kindness, sincerely wishing to help others become more peaceful and happy through developing their own confidence in the power of meditation.