Monday November 21 2022


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


$10/class (discounts available)

Building Wealth: A Buddhist Perspective (Milwaukee)

In this six-week series we will explore the real causes of wealth, outer and inner.

Most of our energy goes into trying to accumulate enough external wealth to feel secure. But in reality we never feel like we have enough and we never really feel safe.

Everyone, Buddhist and non-Buddhist, can receive benefit from learning how to increase inner wealth, which is actually the deeper cause of “outer wealth.”

Inner wealth never lets you down, it goes with you when you die and the more you give away…the bigger it gets! Now isn’t that the kind of portfolio we all want?

This class is based on teachings from the book Introduction to Buddhism.

Registration Details

Cost: $10 per class; $35 for November; $15 for December; $50 for the full six-class series
Each class is stand-alone in nature, so feel welcome to drop in any time! Register in advance for the full series and receive a $5 discount..