How to Be Part of the Solution

A Weekend on Taking and Giving
with Gen Kelsang Demo, Midwestern National Spiritual Director

Taking and Giving is a powerful meditation for bringing love, compassion and wisdom quickly and directly into our lives. Imagine becoming the kind of person who can solve all their own problems of anger, jealousy, attachment and other delusions. Someone who has a special method for dealing with their own sickness. Someone who has stable happiness and whose boundless good heart is a source of inspiration and benefit to others. Imagine being a person of whom everyone could say they were better for having met you. With Taking and Giving we can be that person. We can transform who we are. 

Everyone is welcome to join in this very special weekend with Midwestern National Spiritual Director, Gen Kelsang Demo. 

Based on many years’ personal experience, she will give us the inspiration and confidence we need to try this special practice for ourselves. For maximum benefit, join us for the weekend, or feel welcome to come to what works for you. Everyone welcome!

Friday Lecture: The Courage of Compassion

In this Friday Night Lecture, Gen Kelsang Demo will give practical methods to transform our lives – including even the most challenging and difficult situations – into inspiring examples for others. She will explain how to develop real inner courage and strength to sustain both ourselves and others through practicing ancient wisdom from Buddha.

Saturday Retreat: The Magical Practice of Taking and Giving

In this three session retreat, Gen Kelsang Demo will introduce us to the special meditations which make up Taking and Giving. She will explain the profound wisdom which makes this practice work – and how what begins as correct imagination in meditation produces very real and practical effects in our daily lives. Experience for yourself in meditation this powerful and transformative practice.

Special Sunday Class: Making Every Breath Meaningful

It is said we can measure our life in the number of breaths we take. We are breathing all the time. How wonderful it would be if we could give every breath special value. It would make our life truly meaningful. This can really happen through meditation, especially the very powerful practice of Taking and Giving. End your weekend with some special practical methods you can put into your life right now.

(This class will be held in lieu of the regular Sunday class this week.)

Registration details

Cost: Full weekend is $55 non-members, $45 members, $35 benefactors
Friday only is $15; Saturday only $35; Sunday only $15

Please note: on Saturday, light snacks will be provided at all breaks and for lunch. If you would like more than snacks, please bring your own lunch or plan on a meal out.

Hourly Schedule

Friday, September 9

7 - 8:30 PM
Friday Lecture
The Courage of Compassion

Saturday, September 10

9 - 10 AM
Saturday Retreat Session 1
The Magical Practice of Taking and Giving
11 AM - 12 PM
Saturday Retreat Session 2
1:30 - 2:30 PM
Saturday Retreat Session 3

Sunday, September 11

10 - 11:30 AM
Special Sunday Class
Making Every Breath Meaningful


Saturday September 10 2022


9:00 am - 2:30 pm

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