The Path to True Happiness (Quad Cities)

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Sept. 8: Essential Insights into the Three Principal Aspects of the Path to Enlightenment 

“Enlightenment is the inner light of wisdom that is permanently free from all mistaken appearance and whose function is to bestow mental peace, the source of happiness, on each and every living being every day.”

The Mirror of Dharma with Additions 

Every living being wishes to be permanently happy and free from all suffering. Within the Buddhist path to enlightenment we can find the methods to accomplish this peaceful state of being easily and swiftly. Thereby making our life deeply meaningful and benefiting not only ourselves but our friends, family and all living beings. 

Come and enjoy a very special Friday evening in which you will receive teachings, guided meditations, and discussion. 

Oct. 20: Becoming Your Own Protector: Finding Refuge

In this chaotic and uncertain world it is tremendously important to learn how to build an experience of refuge within our own mind.  Through understanding and gaining experience of the Buddhist practice of refuge, we create a shelter within our own heart from the storm of negative states of mind, and enjoy peace and freedom which we can share with others.  Buddhists seek ultimate refuge in the Three Jewels – Buddha, the omniscient doctor, Sangha, the kind spiritual nurses, and Dharma, the actual medicine that cures our mental pain. 

In this very special Friday evening talk you will learn about the initial scope of the Path to Enlightenment and in particular the Buddhist practice of seeking refuge. The class includes a teaching, guided meditation and discussion. 

Nov. 17: Caring for Ourselves and Others

“Our spiritual realizations are our inner wealth for they help us in all situations and are the only possessions we can take with us when we die. Once we learn to value the inner wealth of patience, giving, love and compassion above external conditions, we will come to regard each and every living being as supremely precious…”

How to Transform Your Life

In this special Friday evening class, we will explore how to learn to care for ourselves by discovering that the best method to do this is to develop a deep and abiding love for others, eventually all living beings. 

Come and enjoy an inspiring teaching, guided meditation and discussion. Take home with you new insights of how to be happy with yourself and be of real benefit to others.

Dec. 15: Discover the Dreamlike Nature of Reality

Buddha said, “You should know that all phenomena are like dreams.”

Through listening to teachings and meditating on emptiness we discover that in fact all phenomena are “empty” of existing outside of our mind. This in turn allows us to experience our lives in a wonderfully different way. We understand that objects exist in a much more pliable state and that it’s up to us to decide what’s the best way to relate to them. We become like someone who is dreaming and becoming aware that they are dreaming. In this way we gain the freedom to transform the circumstances of the dream (our life!) into something joyful and meaningful.

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Cost: $10 per class; all 4 classes for $35. Free for members!

Location: Wilson Center, Augustana College, 3750 7th Ave, Rock Island, IL



Friday December 15 2023


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


$10/class, $35/series

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Augustana College Wilson Center


  • Gen Kelsang Dorje
    Gen Kelsang Dorje
    Resident Teacher, KMC Madison

    The Resident Teacher at Kadampa Meditation Center Madison is Buddhist monk Gen Kelsang Dorje. Gen Dorje has been studying and practicing Buddhism for over 20 years under the guidance of his teacher Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, the founder of the New Kadampa Tradition. Gen Dorje is admired for his warmth and humor in making Buddha’s teachings relevant to the modern world. He is an inspiring example of how to integrate Buddha’s teachings into a joyful life.