The Yoga of Happiness

In this 4 week course,  we’ll explore powerful Buddhist meditations to develop a calm and balanced mind and use this as the foundation for creating a happier self and kinder world. Step-by-step we see the world and ourselves in beneficial ways. Our relationships improve and our world is transformed into an interconnected web of kindness.  When these meditations are realized we see only others as extremely precious, our ordinary problems and worries disappear, and we live our life in a  state of unchanging happiness and love for all.  

This is an in-person event with livestream attendance available for members!

Topics by week

Week 1:  Creating a Balanced Mind – the Practice of Equanimity 

Week 2:  Transforming Our World into a Web of Kindness – the art of seeing and repaying kindness with a joyful mind

Week 3: Removing the Walls Around our Heart – the practice of equalizing self with others 

Week 4: Freedom from Fear & Abiding in Love – the practice of exchanging self with others 

“Wherever we look, we only find the kindness of others.  We are all interconnected in a web of kindness from which it is impossible to separate ourself.  Everything we have and everything we enjoy, including our very life, is due to the kindness of others.

In fact, every happiness there is in this world arises as a result of others’ kindness.”

The New Eight Steps to Happiness by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Registration Details

Cost: $10 per class ($35 for the full series); free for members 

KMC Madison
1825 S Park St
Madison, WI 53719

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Thursday March 28 2024
Event date has passed


6:30 pm - 7:30 pm


$10/class (members free)


  • Lowanna Mobley
    Lowanna Mobley
    Kadampa Teacher

    Lowanna Mobley has been a longtime student of our Foundation Program (FP), where she also serves as our FP Monitor. She is known for her enthusiasm and loving nature, bringing humor and genuine insight to her teaching.