Where Does Anger Hide? (Milwaukee)

Sometimes we suppress our anger because we are afraid of the consequences or of the person making us angry. This eventually makes us feel bitter, weak, and disempowered. Sometimes we express our anger because we want to hurt or retaliate. This generally leads to regrets and even more harm for ourselves and others.

Buddha taught that in order to overcome anger, we have to learn new ways of responding to frustration. In this short talk, Gen Gomlam will share practical methods to cultivate a more realistic and balanced approach to the problems of life. In this way, we can recognize, reduce, and eventually eradicate the destructive habit from our mind. Everyone welcome.

Registration Details

This event will be held at the Milwaukee Public Library. It will not be livestreamed or recorded.

Cost: Free!

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Monday September 12 2022


6:30 pm - 7:45 pm