Meditation in Madison

Study and Meditation Programs in Modern Buddhism

Attend a class in person! Read more about how we keep the Center a safe and healthy environment. We look forward to seeing you soon! (Livestreaming continues to be available for most events.)

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We’re kicking off October with some exciting NEW programs and events!


Clear. Precious. Transformative. Modern.

Everyone is welcome!

Participate at any level and enjoy more inner peace, clarity and a good heart.

From simple meditation techniques to reduce stress and anxiety through in-depth study programs, practice proven methods to solve the problems of daily life and find true, lasting happiness.

Online & In-Person Meditation Classes

While the class programs Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays are built on a series format, you are welcome to attend any class as a drop-in. In addition, we offer 30-minute meditations on demand up to three times weekly, perfect for our busy lives. Beginners are welcome!

Special Events

Our Center offers a variety of special events throughout the year including Friday lectures, retreats, and day courses.

Study Programs

Our General Program includes drop-in classes that are perfect for all levels of experience. Take your study deeper by joining the Foundation Program.

Meditation and Modern Buddhism

KMC Madison is dedicated to helping the people of Madison find solutions to problems in daily life through reducing stress and developing and maintaining inner peace. Modern Buddhism is a practical presentation of Buddha’s teachings that can easily be integrated into our busy lives.

Weekly Classes and Weekend Courses

KMC Madison offers a variety of ways for those interested in increasing their understanding and experience of Buddhist philosophy and practice. All classes and gatherings are currently available by livestream. You do not have to be a Buddhist to attend the classes, or benefit from the techniques taught.

A Growing Community

KMC Madison is a Kadampa Buddhist community sharing a wish to make their lives meaningful by finding lasting peace and happiness from within and helping others do the same. We try to inspire and empower each other to reach our full spiritual potential to be of greatest benefit to our families, friends, and the world.

Our Teachers

Gen Kelsang Gomlam
Resident Teacher at KMC Madison

Lowanna Mobley

Dave Ropa

Linda Zoesch