Half Day Course: What Is Tantra?

Saturday, August 20, 1-4 pm

What Is Tantra?

Tantra is a special Buddhist meditation practice that helps us to believe in our pure potential and it is the actual method to realize that potential in this life. Our ordinary view of ourself and the world is normally very limited and actually produces fear, anxiety and other painful thoughts. Through tantric technology we can develop our capacity to experience profound mental peace which leads to a state of bliss and purity that will benefit not only ourself, but others as well. Buddha taught that as times become more difficult and impure, the practice of tantra would increase in its power and spread throughout the world.

Everyone is welcome to this day course regardless of experience!

Class taught by Gen Kelsang Gomlam. Everyone is welcome!

Cost:  $25 per person (register now!) and FREE for KMC Madison GP/FP Members.